The Layne Studio is a collaborative effort between designers, photographers, writers, and makers—creative expertise with a shared passion for excellence in the work we produce. We also share a love of adventure, which gives our clients a unique edge in the marketplace: the work we create is genuine and from the heart.

Chazz Layne: Creative Director, Photographer

Chazz is an adventurist based in Prescott, Arizona. Born in Southern California—but raised with the independent spirit of solo travel—he’s been gifted with an eccentric mix of aesthetics, logic, minimalism, and wanderlust. Chazz lives his life with the philosophy of a curator, and subscribes to the mantra “Less, but better.” Passion for adventure fuels his work as our creative director. In his off time Chazz is a regular contributor to several travel and adventure publications.

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Dani Layne: Artist, Educator, Occasional Model

Dani views the world through an artist’s eye, finding a unique beauty in everything she sees. A child of hippy parents, she was brought up surrounded by unconditional love and the belief she could do anything she put her mind to (if she put in the work). She learned to hustle at an early age—part time jobs in middle school, and attending night classes through high school. She graduated from college after only one year with certifications in teaching and early childhood development. Her unending thirst for learning has led her through careers as a teacher, small business financial adviser, leasing specialist with a global telecommunications provider, trainer, and artist; always with a focus on improving the lives of those around her.

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Studio Partners

Lightforce Media

Photographer, Filmmaker, UAS Operator—Lightforce Media is a Section 333 and Part 107 approved UAS operator with years of experience flying drones all over North America, in every type of weather and environment safely possible. Lightforce is a key partner, enabling us to to add video and aerial capabilities to the services we offer.

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