One evening during the 2013 Prescott Rally I was enjoying a few beers and swapping stories with my friend and fellow gearhead Martti, the sort of stories those of us suffering from “Disco Fever” know all too well. I knew he owned a Discovery, but I was in for a surprise when I left the pub later that night. As I walked out the door I looked up and there it was, parked right next to my Discovery: the Kalahari.

Long the drool-inducing envy of Land Rover owners from all over, SafariGard’s showcase on wheels—dubbed the Kalahari Edition Discovery II—disappeared years back when the company closed its doors. Rumors circulated the internet that it had been parted out, and it was feared the truck would never be seen again. Time was short with the rally starting bright and early in the morning, so I arranged for us to do a photoshoot and spend some time appreciating the Kalahari next time it was in town.